Beyond Staffing Dot Com - The People Care Company

  • Yes, we are the People Care Company. Every thing we do is with people: clients, employees and contractors. In the service business, little moves without people and every business needs a specialist to help get the best out of relationships. Thirty years senior management experience in Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America is the basis of programs we develop for Manufacturing, Retail, International Business and IT companies.

Our Mission

  • To remain the best People Care Company

What we do

  • We help small and medium companies, no company is too small and we will tell you if your company is too large for our services.
  • We help companies get the best out of their workforce - our staffing programs ensure success of every relationship. Former employees and contractors are the unpaid ambassadors for every company, sadly this is frequently ignored. Most small companies do not have experienced and trained HR professionals, and frequently they lack the volume to employ senior personnel in this all important area. We help bridge the gap and keep a motivated and highly charged workforce delivering every day. Every time.
  • We work with professionals and specialists to ensure compliance of statutory filings for your company.